$350,000 Settlement—West Pointe Condominiums vs. Delos Insurance Company

Kenneth Udoibok handled a difficult insurance claim to a reasonable settlement.  The case arose from a June 25, 2010 storm events.  Two separate severe storms moved across the Twin Cities area the same day. The second of the two storms produced hail of approximately 1.75” in diameter; straight-line winds of approximately 63 mph; and 2.38” of rain, which produced flash flooding throughout the vicinity of West Pointe Condominiums.  Delos Insurance Company vigorously disputed the extent of damage to West Pointe Condominiums.  Nonetheless, the parties reached a $350,000 settlement agreement before a federal magistrate judge.

$98,000 Settlement— West Pointe Condominiums vs. American Alternative Insurance Corporation

No claim is too large or too small for Kenneth Udoibok.  West Pointe Condominiums suffered wind damage to its properties in 2012.  Kenneth negotiated a $98,000 reasonable settlement of the wind claim without litigation.

St. John’s Woods Homes Association v. Harleysville Worcester Insurance Co.

St. John’s Woods Homes Association manages a townhouse complex located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which consists of thirty-one, one-and two-story, wood-framed 4-plex townhomes and 41 detached garages. In May 10, 2011, a severe thunderstorm hit St. John’s property and caused damages but Harleysville refused full coverage.  Kenneth Udoibok brought suit in Federal Court against Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company on behalf of St. John’s Woods Association.  The parties resolved the suit amicably before a Federal Magistrate Judge in a confidential settlement agreement.

$347,000.00 verdict against Chinese-owned company for discriminating Tibetan employees

Kenneth Udoibok wins a jury verdict against New Metro Trucking Company, a Chinese owned trucking company, for discriminating against its Tibetan employees.  Plaintiffs worked as delivery truck drivers for New Metro Trucking until July 16, 2011 when they were fired.  Defendant New Metro’s owner and a large amount of its employees are Chinese, while Plaintiffs are Tibetan.  New Metro instituted discriminatory employment practices common in China to Minnesota.  The Plaintiffs successfully proved at trial that because they are Tibetans, they were treated poorly and differently than similarly situated Chinese employees.  Plaintiffs showed at trial that they were forced to drive broken trucks; drive in perilous road conditions; work extended hours for no additional pay; paid less for the same amount of work as other Chinese workers; and were not provided food and housing allowances like other Chinese workers.  The jury agreed with the Plaintiffs and awarded them over $347,000.00, including punitive damages.  Punitive damage award is rare in federal employment cases.  Attorney’s fees request will likely bring the verdict to over $500,000.00.

New Excessive Force Settlements

Johnson v. City of New Hope—Ms. Johnson was involved in an altercation with a New Hope police officer during a traffic stop by her home.  Kenneth Udoibok litigated Ms. Johnson’s case to a reasonable $99,000 settlement. Menoch v. City of Farmington—Ms. Menoch retained Kenneth Udoibok to handle her excessive force claims against the City of Farmington police officers.  Kenneth Udoibok negotiated a confidential settlement. Walker v. City of Minneapolis—Mr. Walker, an African American man suffered jaw injury during an altercation with Minneapolis police officers.  Though Mr. Walker could not identify his assailant, Kenneth Udoibok secured a favorable $37,000 settlement for Mr. Walker.

New Hail Damage Recoveries

Pendryn Villas Homeowners Association vs. AutoOwner—Kenneth Udoibok convinced an appraisal panel to award $213,796.89 for hail damage to Pendryn Villas. PMP Enterprises, LLC vs. Travelers Insurance Company— Kenneth Udoibok secured $150,000 for PMP Enterprises to repair its hail-damaged roof.

Super Lawyers Names Tupa & Hussey Rising Stars for 2013

Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, PLLP is proud to announce that Super Lawyers magazine named attorneys Brendan Tupa and Ross Hussey Rising Stars for 2013.  Super Lawyers launched Rising Stars in Minnesota to recognize the top up-and-coming attorneys in the state — those who are 40 years old or younger, or who have been practicing for 10 years or less. No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the State of Minnesota are named to the list.  Congratulations Brendan and Ross!

Sinigaglio v. $20,455 in US currencies

Despite the notoriety of the conflict, Kenneth Udoibok negotiated the return of $20,455 and 23 firearms by government agency. The Anoka-Hennepin Drug Task-force executed a search warrant on Kenneth’s clients and forfeited 23 firearms, as well as $20,455 in US currency. Through tough forfeiture action in court, Kenneth negotiated the return of the money and the firearms. Mon, January 21, 2013                                   

UTH Takes on Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Within a very short time after hail and wind damaged the New Hope Distribution Center, Kenneth Udoibok negotiated $300,000 in repair payment from Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Fri, January 18, 2013                       

Kenneth Udoibok Settles Injury Claim

Bringing justice for Ms. Gutierrez, Kenneth Udoibok battles yet again another insurance company for an under insured motorist claim. After the injury on July 9, 2011, Kenneth was quick to react to the needs of the family when he negotiated over $100,000 for Ms. Gutierrez. Fri, January 18, 2013       

Kenneth Udoibok does it again…

Charged with multiple counts of domestic assault, Defendant Ekpenyong faced jail time, deportation, and nursing license revocation. The stakes were high. Plea or conviction was not an option. After vigorous discovery practice, the State caved in and dismissed all charges. “I cannot thank Kenneth enough,” said Ekpenyong. Thu, April 5, 2012               

Kenneth Udoibok Recovers Over $800,000.00 for his Client

In less than 4 months after the insured, Wendy Sullivan, retained Kenneth Udoibok on a fire claim, Depositors Insurance Company paid Ms. Sullivan $809,064.16. One of the major areas in which Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, PLLP focus their practice is in representing insureds against insurance companies. Many people do not recognize the value in retaining an attorney for their claims, yet, it can make a difference. “The best decision I made when my home burned down was to retain Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey,” said Ms. Sullivan. Tue, January 17, 2012            

Kenneth Udoibok—Major Victory in Federal Court

Kenneth Udoibok obtained an impressive victory for a Mexican national. In U.S. v. Angel Apdiel Solis-Gruillen, the defendant faced a Federal narcotics distribution indictment. But, Kenneth Udoibok convinced the Federal Judge to dismiss the indictment. She did. Justice is not blind. Wed, September 21, 2011          

Antonelli Advertising Hires Kenneth Udoibok

Antonelli Advertising Corporation hires Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, PLLP as its general counsel with Kenneth Udoibok as the firm’s lead counsel. Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey will represent the agency in all areas of law, including contracts, labor and employment law, real estate law and negotiations. Antonelli Advertising specializes in strategic planning, brand development, creative works, media and promotional merchandise. Wed, September 21, 2011                                      

General Counsel Appointment

UDOIBOK, TUPA & HUSSEY, PLLP have been hired on a long-term contract to represent Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties (CAPRW). CAPRW is a nonpartisan, locally run, private nonprofit with a budget over 20 million dollars. CAPRW is motivated to reduce poverty in Ramsey and Washington Counties through various programs proven to work. The board of directors at CAPRW approved the appointment of UDOIBOK, TUPA & HUSSEY as its general counsel with Kenneth Udoibok as the firm’s lead counsel. CAPRW is poised to continue in its goal of bringing together community resources to reduce poverty in Ramsey and Washington Counties. UDOIBOK, TUPA & HUSSEY will represent the agency in all areas of law, including contracts, labor and employment law, real estate law and negotiations. To learn more about Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties visit http://www.caprw.org/. Thu, September 15, 2011                       

Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, PLLP adds Melissa Rasmussen to Firm.

Melissa Rasmussen is joining Udoibok & Tupa as the law firm’s Office Manager. Melissa is a 2010 Cum Laude Graduate of Concordia College Moorhead, MN where she achieved a double major in Organizational Communications and Spanish. Prior to joining the firm, Melissa interned in the Office of the Todd County Attorney, interned at Bobcat Company in the Human Resources department, coordinated the gymnastics program at the YMCA, as well as volunteered with Adopt-A-Grandparent and Lutheran Social Services as a refugee mentor. Fri, August 19, 2011                                                  

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