Practice Area Overview


Providing experienced, strategic & aggressive representation for your critical legal needs

Our clients come to us to handle critically important legal matters. We must often navigate complex laws and regulations, and having in-depth knowledge and experience is crucial. We excel in cases that require excellence in analysis, strategy, courtroom work, litigation and negotiation. When you must have the best possible results and you want strategic aggressive lawyers, contact us at Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey.

We have extensive experience and success, in the following areas:

  • Property Insurance Claim Disputes
  • Fire Loss Claims
  • Excessive Force Claims
  • Business Law
  • Negligence/Catastrophic Injury
  • Automobile Accidents

Courtroom Experience? Trial Experience?

All the lawyers at Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, have each seen the inside of an actual courtroom and have each had trials in front of actual judges and juries.  Too many lawyers in our community will boast that they have never “lost” a trial, but won’t they will not disclose that they have never actually been in trial before a judge or jury.  We have actually fought the fight for our clients and presented their cases before judges and juries in both state and FEDERAL courts and know how to get successful results for our clients.  We are TRIAL lawyers; not just litigants who shuffle paper and settle in mediation to avoid trial.

Do you need more information?

If you would like more information about our capabilities or receive a case evaluation, please schedule an initial attorney consultation by completing our online form or calling 612-808-6030.  The sooner Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey lawyers get involved the sooner you benefit and avoid pitfalls with your insurance company, its adjusters, investigators, and its lawyers (who are not hired to review your claim objectively).  We are a boutique law firm with a niche practice. Do not trust your case with a general practicioner.